Territorial and maritime network supporting the small cruises development
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Territorial and maritime network supporting the small cruises development

Project Implementation Period
31/05/2018 – 31/03/2022

In compliance with the EUSAIR strategy and the development of regional strategies and the thematic objectives of the Greece Italy Programme 2014-2020, THEMIS intends to support the development and the activities of the minor ports in order to develop their activities, and to address maritime traffic, especially the small cruise one, to still unexploited territories from the cruise tourism point of view and strengthen connections with the main ports. Nowadays, the current cruise traffic is characterized by the existence of big cruise ships that, for logistical reasons, can touch only the ports having proportionate docks and seabed. So, on the one hand this type of tourism is gathered only in some areas and on the other hand, peripheral and smaller ports remain underutilized not making sufficient support for the development of the satellite activities of the back-port area. This has significant repercussions on the gathering production and services industries in the dry-port and most tourist destinations far away from the bigger ports.

THEMIS project aims in reviving the minor ports equipping them with basic and light infrastructures and new services, connecting them with the information services of the largest ports (Bari and Corfu), and stimulating, through the creation and dissemination of a brand, the creation of new routes for small size cruise ships and luxury ones linking ports and portions of cross-border territories currently not affected by this kind of tourism. This will be the first test phase for these new touristic routes in order to wide them, in the next future, to the other Greek and Italian ports and to make the THEMIS brand a tourist characteristic identifying the entire Adriatic area, in line with the EUSAIR strategy. The partnership has been created foreseeing clear roles for each partner in order to reach the project objectives with effectiveness and efficiency and in order to settle a network acting a strategy to spread the economic development starting from the ports.